Management Accounting: A Tool for Planning and Control

Course Code Offering Department(s) Units & Hours
GDBU1015 ACLW (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

Management accounting is to help allocating money and other resources. Management accounting information is typically used by company executives for decisions about investments, plant closures, pricing and cost controls, etc. It is however equally useful for individuals in planning home purchases, household expenditure and holidays; and for the public administrators in their public resources allocation and control. GDBU1015 aims to provide students with an overview of what management accounting information is about from a user perspective. It focuses on helping students understand the meaning of the numbers in management reports, their relationship to each other, and how they are used for planning and control in various settings. Technical details are minimized in this course whenever possible, allowing more coverage on the practical functions of management reports and how they can be useful to everyday experience as students, consumers or employees; and to the public administrators.


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