Law for Hong Kong Business

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GDBU1007 ACLW (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

We make thousands of contracts every year but never know what are involved in a contract. This is because most contracts involve small amount of money and the consequence of anything going wrong is minor. However if we were to make a contract involving $100 million we must know the law well because the consequence will be serious. Therefore contract law is very important in business. Of course before we can understand contract law we have to know the basic, i.e. the HK legal system. We also have to be responsible for the goods and services we provide and could be liable for negligence, and indeed vicariously liable for the negligence of our agents and employees. We also have to be careful of what we publish and could be liable not only in negligent misrepresentation but also defamation as well. Therefore when you are doing business, you cannot be ignorant of the law.

GDBU1007 will enable a non-business student to get some legal knowledge of what is expected for a business executive. HK has a unique common law legal system, which is completely different from that of China. This gives international business persons and investors the confidence and trust to make HK one of the leading international commercial and financial centres in the world. This trust is established with HK’s 160 years of track record which cannot easily be replaced.

What do the students say about this course?

課程設計適宜︰先由legal system 等基礎理論入門,為同學帶來法律與普通法系基本概念,再開展之後的合約法案例教學,一脈相成。內容能給同學一些在法律觀點上的理解及解釋,與日常生活亦貼切。

Year 4 student from SOSC


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