Accounting for Business Decisions

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GDBU1005 ACLW (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

GDBU1005 aims to provide an understanding of what accounting is, what it does, and where it fits into everyday experiences as students, consumers, investors or managers. This course introduces accounting from a user perspective, that is, considers accounting information from the viewpoint of the people who will use the information when making decisions. Users may be, for example, individuals who want to know about the future cash flow implications of buying a home versus renting one; investors who need to assess the overall performance of a company from its financial statements, perhaps to decide whether to buy or sell shares; or managers who need a more detailed understanding of the costs of the firm’s products or activities. The basic accounting concepts will be introduced and the decision-oriented applications of accounting will be emphasized. Students from this course will have the ability to understand both financial and managerial accounting information and use them effectively to make better decisions in various business and non-business settings.

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