Food, Culture and Society

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GDAR1026 HMW (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

GDAR1026 introduces students to central issues of food culture through a range of theoretical approaches drawn from the Humanities and Social Sciences. Through critically evaluating the practices of food production, distribution and consumption, the course aims to engage students in an informed discussion about their relationship to food in local and global contexts.

What do the students say about this course?

從最貼近生活也最有趣的食物開始說起,介紹生活中無處不在的人類學…… Dr. Daisy 是個很好的老師,她不僅在課堂上給我们播放視頻、邀请樂餉社的主席來給我們演講,更在課堂外帶領我們到去菜園村實地考察,進行志願活動。她在學期開始時給我們種子,在學校建造綠色空中花園。作為一個理科的交流生,這一門人類學課真的讓我收獲很多!

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X. Y. Li


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