The Review and Outlook of Confucian Culture as Revealed in Korean Television Drama
(儒家文化的回溯與展望 –– 韓劇的啟示)

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GDAR1007 CHI (3,2,1)
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GDAR1007 will study the adaptation and transformation of Confucian culture in an Asian country undergoing modernization. Korean television dramas of various themes, such as historical heroes, love stories and family affairs will be used. Through analyzing the behavior and thinking patterns of modern and ancient characters in the drama, the course will examine the significance of Confucian culture in Korea and whereby draw comparison between Korean Confucian culture and that in the original Confucian classics.

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Koko Chana year 1 student


Notes for GDAR1007

  • The medium of instruction of this course is Cantonese/Putonghua.

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