Life Style, Chinese Literature, Mass Culture

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GDAR1006 CHI (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?


採用專題講授的方式,學生在指引應了解: 建築、飲食、電影、服飾等大眾文化類型在具體文學文本中的呈現,大眾文化如何影響文學的書寫,以及大眾文化與文學之間的關聯對人們的生活方式所造成的影響。

GDAR1006 is intended to explore the multi-facet relationship between mass culture and literary works. The curriculum aims to:

  1. cultivate students’ awareness of certain literary and cultural phenomena in a historical context, and
  2. develop their skills in analyzing these phenomena.

Students would be guided to study:

  1. how mass culture ,e.g. architecture, food, movies, clothing, are represented in literature;
  2. how mass culture influences literary writing; and
  3. how the relationship of literature and mass culture makes an impact on our life style.

What do the students say about this course?

大家一直認為中國文學沉悶,但其實可以很有趣的。此科目會將大眾文化跟中國文學融合, 探討文化如何影響寫作的風格、手筆等,適合喜歡寫作的你!

Miss Wong


Notes for GDAR1006

  • The medium of instruction of this course is Cantonese.

Notes for all GE courses

  • You can take a maximum of 6 additional units of GE courses from any categories as electives.