Virtuous Living in a Virtual World

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GCVM1075 REL (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

How can virtues of discernment, moderation, wisdom, humility, authenticity and humanness as presented in traditional and modern virtue ethical theories (Aristotelian, Confucian, Christian, Humean and Nietzschean) be realized with the habits of our high-tech lifestyles? In this internet age, questions arise regarding the nature of “merely virtual relationships” and the implications of their experience and distortion within this media. It is important to develop critical attitudes related to the ideological overstatements and addictive practices associated with cyber-shaped lifestyles. There is a need to debunk the so-called pseudo-religious ideologies supporting informationism as the panacea for human problems and human boredom. There is also a need to develop habits of moderation which neither support bandwidth envy nor allow for impersonal crudeness. Furthermore, how can one learn to identify and avoid becoming a “symbol broker” who revels in creating alternative identities built upon false images of oneself, lack of tolerance and compassion for others, and a weakened sense of any obligation to be true or consistent in virtual relationships? It will be argued from sociological evidence as well as from critiques of technological environments that actual caring communal relationship, virtuous familial ties and friendships assist greatly in bringing balance, humility, humor, discernment and integrity to virtual relationships.


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