Romantic Love in Humanistic Perspectives

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GCVM1057 REL (3,2,1)
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GCVM1057 explains humanistic perspectives on romantic love from different cultures made available in literature, philosophy, religion and mythology, and supplement them with new understandings of romantic love and sex due to advances in scientific and sociological disciplines. The humanistic perspectives, together with post-modern social setting, constitute the cultural backdrop of contemporary understanding and practice of romantic love and sex, in distinction to traditional feudal practices that suppresses love and sex until now. Students would also learn through tutorial some psychology of romantic love and sex, understand their role in the formation of modern identity, and learn to assess authenticity of romantic love experience.

Students are expected to utilize this new-found knowledge to produce critique on both traditional and modern views of romantic love and sex, and to reflect ethically on them. They are to elaborate their own personal strategy for romantic love and sex pursuit in the post-modern world, towards a wiser, more equal and more satisfying practice of love and sex for a fulfilling life.

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