Religious Values & Pop Culture

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GCVM1056 REL (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

GCVM1056 helps students gain basic insights into Hong Kong popular culture and to understand through its various forms and manifestations critical questions of society, life and religion in this culturally vibrant cosmopolitan city. In doing so students would attain value-enhancement and intellect-enhancement through value reflection and critical evaluation of different popular culture phenomena.

The course surveys various forms of popular culture such as films, games, magazines, net media, artistic exhibitions and performances which act as powerful cultural media comparable to literature in previous centuries. As modern and postmodern people’s main venue for experiencing, appreciating and reflecting on human life, such popular culture reflections of modern life would be taken to their religious dimension in its search for meaning and value that seeks to transcend temporality and secularity of life, and reaches for the ultimate elevation of the human spirit. The course examines the various ways in which modern people’s myriad endeavors in popular culture try to engage in a profound search for human reality and possibility, attaining values and meaning in this globalized and networked world.

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