Real Sex, Naked Truth: Christian Values in Changing Chinese Societies

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GCVM1055 REL (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

GCVM1055 will help students appreciate the contributions of the Christian tradition in constructing a holistic view of sex/uality and discerning its meaning for both the individual and the wider community. It will help establish a dynamic and dialogical relation between constructive Christian sexual values and the contemporary public life.

This course examines Christian perspectives on sex/uality, together with the underlying Christian faith and values, as well as the integral relation between sex/uality and the whole person. It explores critically their implications for and relevance in fast changing Chinese societies in the last few decades. Students will be introduced to Christian concepts of body, intimate relation, sexual intercourse and personhood etc. These concepts and related theories will be critically evaluated in the context of contemporary Chinese societies, including the problems, tensions and challenges arising from selected social issues. Special attention will be given to public discourses as reflected in Chinese mass media and popular writings.

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H. Y. Man


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