Good Life in a World of Self-interest

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GCVM1027 REL (3,2,1)
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What is the course about?

Some philosophers characterize the contemporary world as a world of self-interest. People of this age live largely self-interested lives. Is living a self-interested life the only rational option that we have? Is there still anything else to live for? Is anything worth pursuing apart from money, love, good career, prestige and social status? Is there any better alternative to the conventional pursuit of self-interest? GCVM1027 will address these questions through exploring philosophical ideas and theories that have important bearing on how to answer the questions. Special attention will be given to the philosophical views such as Hedonism, Egoism, Aristotle’s theory of good life, Utilitarianism, Confucianism and Daoism. In this course, student will learn how to analyze and assess the philosophical views in question and their implications for answering the question of how we are to live. Students will also be encouraged to develop their own answers to this question.

What do the students say about this course?

I think the lessons are interactive. The sharing of the lecturer, Dr. Qu Li, leads us to have a deep thinking about life and the attitude towards the world.

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