Competitive Sport for People with Special Needs

Course Code Offering Department(s) Units & Hours
GCPE1007 PE (1,2,0)

What is the course about?

GCPE1007 aims to acquaint students with the knowledge in the work of a selected National Sport Association that offers competitive sport for people with mobility/sensory/health needs. It also helps students acquire knowledge in physiological and psychological effects of the selected sport practiced by persons with mobility/sensory/health needs.

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Notes for GCPE1007

  • This is a replacement course for the course Physical Education listed under General Education. The course is offered to students whose mobility/sensory/health needs require special teaching and learning attention.

Notes for all GCPE courses

  • Students should take one PE course in Semester 1 and another in Semester 2.

Notes for all GE courses

  • You can take a maximum of 6 additional units of GE courses from any categories as electives.