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GCNU1006 MATH (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

GCNU1006 serves as an introduction to statistical analysis, engaging basic descriptive statistics and advanced regression models. Students often memorize the relevant equations and symbols without understanding the reasoning and motivations behind them, which is not a student-friendly approach to learning statistics. Here, we skip all of the hard statistical ideas in distribution, formulas or calculus, which differs from traditional courses targeting major-students. Rather, this course is concerned with the logical processes involved in obtaining answers. Statistical software is useful in helping students grasp the underlying concepts involved. Students are able to follow the appropriate steps and engage with the innovative pedagogy. This course uses examples from real-life situations and local data, rather than complicated calculations, to guide students in building a strong foundation in statistical thinking, which enables them to develop problem-solving techniques and to criticize statistical arguments. This course can also open up a window into the use of statistics, which will encompass not only simple descriptive statistics, but also other influential methods including statistical tests. Ultimately, students will conceptually come to know more about statistical tests than their mouse-clicking counterparts.

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Lydia Yuan Gao


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