IT Innovations Shaping Our World

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GCIT1015 COMP (3,1,2)
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What is the course about?

GCIT1015 aims to equip students with knowledge on the key IT innovations that are shaping our world, including the latest development of digital media technology, the advancement of digital communication technology, and the development of smart IT systems. This course introduces the key IT innovations, covers latest standards and basic scientific principles of digital entertainments, telecommunications, wireless technologies, as well as web and location-based systems. This course also aims to raise students’ concern over IT related issues like innovation protection, computer security as well as IT challenges and ethics. In addition to IT concepts and IT related issues, this course also aims to equip students with IT skills for acquiring information, analyzing quantitative data, presenting information and enhancing the presentation. To enable students to work without location limit, a highlight of this course is to introduce various online collaboration tools supporting mind mapping, data collection and analysis and cloud storage.

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What do the students say about this course?

The tutorials in this course taught us many new IT skills, such as the macro function in Excel, Photoshop, video editing and Prezi for presentation, which are quite useful and practical… We even spent one of the tutorials playing around with new IT products!…

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Sharon Poon


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