IT and Digital Media

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GCIT1007 COMP (3,1,2)
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What is the course about?

Due to the advancement of information technology, traditional media like photo, music, movie, etc. have become digital. New forms of media include 3D technologies as well as interactive elements like computer games. Platforms also change from printed copies to online and becoming mobile. Digital media even change our daily experience, like the way of advertising. GCIT1007 aims to introduce the key IT concepts behind different digital media, explain the proper use of IT to better manage them, as well as how the evolution of digital media affects different aspects of our daily life. The advancement of digital media and technologies also raise the concern of truth issues, copyright issues, privacy issues and computer security, which will also be addressed in this course. In practical aspect, this course also aims to introduce various digital media software tools and let students experience the content creation of various kinds of digital media.

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What do the students say about this course?

課程教授內容很有用和有趣,能學會如何使用Adobe Photoshop、Illustrator 和 InDesign等設計軟件,十分實用。 剛開始時比較困難,但練習過後有進步。值得修讀。

Year 1 student from COMM


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