Traditional Chinese Culture and the Contemporary World

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GCHC1047 HIST (3,2,1)
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For quite a long time, Western thinkers and their non-Western disciples, having great faith in science, rational reasoning, universalism, progress, individualism, etc., rejoice the “depreciation of the old and traditional” in modern society. For them, traditions stand in the way of modernization that promises them “permanent innovation” and “continual creation of the new.” However, social and cultural problems of contemporary Western society and the enviable development of non-Western societies in the last decades compel them to believe that “modernity does not dissolve traditions, but rather they serve as resources for modernity’s perpetual constitution and reconstitutions.” (S. Eisenstadt). GCHC1047, with its focus on the cultural dynamic of the Chinese culture in the contemporary world, explain what solutions different Chinese schools of thoughts such as Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, etc. can offer to contemporary social and cultural problems.

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