Comment Box for GE Courses

What do you think about the GE courses that you’ve taken?
Good or bad? We would like to know!
An anonymous channel has been set up for students to express their views freely!

To encourage active participation, prizes will be given to students who submit their comments  from now until 19 Nov 2017 (Sun) . $25 cash vouchers will be distributed through lucky draws and $100 cash vouchers will be given to the students who write the most detailed and well-written comments.


為鼓勵同學積極表達意見, 由即日起至2017年11月19日(星期日) 發表意見的同學,可參加$25 現金券抽獎,「最用心撰寫評語」更可獲$100 現金券

Comment Box for GE Courses