AY2018/19 Awardee: Ms. Vicky MAN

Ms Vicky Man

Ms. Vicky MAN

Senior Lecturer, Language Centre
Faculty of Arts

Recognition from the Selection Panel

Ms Man has been engaged in the GE Programme since 2000 and she is now teaching GCLA1008/1009 University English I/II (Core Requirements) and GDAR1037 English in the World Today (Distribution Requirements in Arts). The Panel acknowledged Ms Man’s continued contribution to GE and especially appreciated her vision and commitment about transformation through education – to transform students from mere competent specialists in their own fields to educated citizens equipped with diverse skills. The Panel complimented Ms Man as being a caring and energetic teacher who devoted herself to teaching and nurturing students, and shared her belief in the transformational power of GE and undergraduate education.

In her presentation to the Panel, Ms Man demonstrated how she taught language in context in GDAR1037 English in the World Today, a course that aims to help students to better understand different varieties of English as spoken by people around the world and be more sensitive to the cultural assumptions of different speakers. The Panel commended how Ms Man incorporated various class activities such as videos, games and discussion to engage students in class, and was pleased to see some of the students’ works. The Panel also exchanged views with Ms Man on the course content and students’ learning needs, including competence in English communication.

The Panel recommended Ms Man to receive the GE Teaching Award to honor her excellent performance, and hoped Ms Man would continue to make sustained impact in promoting GE, teaching excellence and best student experience.