AY2017/18 Awardee: Prof. Gerard PRENDERGAST

Dr. Kimmy Cheng


Professor, Department of Marketing
Associate Dean (Internationalisation), School of Business
Director, International Institute for Business Development
Associate Director, MSocSc in Media Management

Recognition from the Selection Panel

Prof. Prendergast has been engaged in the GE Programme by teaching the interdisciplinary course GDBU1956/GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum since AY2016-17 under the Service Leadership Education Initiative of the GE Office. He is complimented by the Panel for his understanding of the philosophy and essence of GE, his student-centred teaching approach, as well as his endeavour in delivering the concept of “caring” to the students. In observing his class, a member of the Panel noticed that Prof. Prendergast used various approaches to introduce to students how service leadership could enhance their capabilities as a caring member of a society. To the Panel, his teaching strategy is effective and impactful.

In his presentation to the Panel, Prof. Prendergast demonstrated that he was an adventurous and reflective teacher as he was devoted to making continuous improvement in the delivery of his course by adopting changes in the course design and assessment. The Panel also appreciated his vision in teaching as he provided a plan of the development of a U-wide international practicum to widen students’ horizons through overseas service learning opportunities.

The Panel believes that presenting the GE Teaching Award to Prof. Prendergast is not only a way to recognize his outstanding performance and devotion in the teaching of GE courses, but also a good opportunity for him to share his valuable experiences with other GE teaching colleagues on how to adopt appropriate pedagogies and approaches in the delivery of GE courses to help students better achieve the learning outcomes of the GE Programme.