AY2015/16 Awardee: Dr. Kimmy Cheng

Dr. Kimmy Cheng

Dr. Kimmy Cheng

Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
Programme Director of “Public Speaking”

Recognition from the Selection Panel

As a young teacher/scholar Dr. Cheng shows incredible potential for providing the type of education that our students need. Her care in preparing her lectures, the ability to engage her class in the discussion effectively are all good signs of an exceptional teacher. She meticulously puts forward her ideas and engages her students in the learning process. In observing her class, a member of the panel noticed how attentive she was to the needs of her students, which gave us comfort to know that our students are fortunate to have Dr. Cheng as a facilitator in the classroom. In her presentation to the panel, Dr. Cheng also showed her humanity. Reaching out to her students in time of need and providing guidance to them is also an important characteristic of an excellent teacher/educator.

Her style of teaching is to encourage students to become self-reliant and creative in their approach to make a public speech. Her pedagogy is about to encourage a class to be a dynamic community of self-motivated, active learners. The panel was impressed that Dr. Cheng is open to experimenting with new techniques in teaching her Public Speaking class.