AY2014/15 Awardee: Ms. Jenny Choe

Ms. Jenny Choe

Ms. CHOE Jae Hee, Jenny

Lecturer, Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University
Instructor of the GE courses “University English I” & “University English II”
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Recognition from the Selection Panel

Ms. Choe has shown tremendous creativity in her pedagogy of teaching English. Her philosophy of teaching rests on the idea that motivation and learner’s autonomy is critical to learning. As was observed in her presentation to the panel, she meticulously puts forward her ideas and engages the audience very effectively in the learning process. Her careful attention to the design of each lesson is very impressive. She presents her lectures with a variety of engaging activities that supports her goals. Her instructional delivery method addresses different learning styles of auditory, visual and kinesthetic. She applies metacognitive strategies in her teaching that empowers students to become autonomous learners.

The panel has observed that Ms. Choe is a highly effective classroom facilitator. She reflects the best qualities of a classroom teacher where she orchestrates a class that is a dynamic community of self-motivated, active participants. The wealth of knowledge she brings to her teaching is impressive. In her University English class, a multitude of concepts related to culture, history, politics, and environment are discussed with the students. Not only do the students learn how to use language in expressing ideas, but also become familiar with the vocabulary of the different disciplines. She conducts her class in a very engaging style, so students are eager to raise questions and interact with the instructor on the topics of the day.

Ms. Choe is an open minded person and very approachable. Her teaching evaluations in the past few years all indicate that she is an excellent teacher committed to delivering quality education to students. Comments from her colleagues as well attest to her collegiality and good nature.