Practicum in NGOs/NPOs!

GDBU1956 / GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum

In Semester 2 of AY2019/20, the Department of Marketing will offer an interdisciplinary GE course, GDBU1956 / GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum. This course is specially designed under the Service Leadership Education Project of GE to provide students with a guided self-discovery learning experience.

Unlike other GE courses, the main component of this course is to provide service in a placement in a non-profit organization or non-governmental organization. Prior to the placement, two briefing lectures on campus will equip you with what you need to know.

You will be able to:

  •  strengthen your service leadership competencies  through active learning;
  •  build a sense of social responsibility and commitment  that is essential to your future career;
  •  earn 3 credit units  to fulfill your graduation requirement;
  • Fulfill one of the GE Distribution Requirements of your choice:  Business or Social Sciences or you can take the course as a Free Elective .

This course will be registered through an online form, instead of Buniport pre-registration exercise. The whole selection and matching process will be finished before the pre-registration period.

Register for the course now!

*Please be reminded that students admitted in AY2018/19 or after are ineligible for applying for this course.

Application Procedures & Details

1 October –
31 October 2019
Application period

  • Fill in the form with all the necessary information
  • Upload your CV in word/pdf format (max. 2 pages) to the system
  • Application after 11:59pm, 31 October 2019 (Thursday) will not be considered.
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1 November –
13 November 2019
Matching Process

  • Students will be matched to partnering NGOs/NPOs according to students’ background.
  • Face to face interviews will be conducted with all shortlisted students.
  • NGOs/NPOs may contact the applicants for placement arrangement.
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by mid-November 2019 Release of Results

  • Applicants will be notified of the results, and
  • They will be automatically enrolled in the GE course during the pre-registration period.

Your CV should include the following details:

  • full name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • contact information (mobile phone number and active email address)
  • language skills
  • personal skills
  • high school
  • year of study at HKBU
  • programme of study at HKBU
  • cGPA at HKBU
  • qualifications/awards (if applicable)
  • extra-curricular activities (if applicable)
  • working experience (if applicable)

Your CV must be written in English.

Know more about the course:

Course Syllabus
Please refer to the course syllabus for details.
Download the course syllabus


Contact person: Mr Parkco Leung
Phone: 3411-2106