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MaD Festival 2019

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MaD Festival 2019
MaD Festival 將以嶄新形式再次登場,繼續用創意、創新回應時代挑戰,於不同層面推動創意產業的持續發展。
年會在2019年1月12及13日於大館舉辦,讓過千本地、亞洲及海外 changemakers 共同見證成果。



  • Fashion Clinic (1月12日) – 以創意的修改手藝,延長衣物壽命,提供另一種時尚的可能性。
  • 摙香樓 (1月12日) – 即場教煮印度奶茶(Masala Tea),香氣之中,品嘗跨文化趣事。


  • 塑料王國 (1月12日) – 一套紀錄片,令中國大陸禁止進口境外廢料。


  • 藍屋保育計劃的社區成長課 (1月13日) – 了解香港首個留屋留人的活化歷史建築項目。
  • 油尖旺霓虹招牌導賞團 (1月13日) – 探討各行各業的視覺美學和意義。
  • 不只木材 (1月13日) – 透個雙手認識生活,獲得不一樣的知識。

MaD Festival 2019年會網頁

贊助場次 2019年1月12日至13日兩天學生套票(MaD Festival 2019年會)
地點 大館(香港中環荷李活道 10 號)等
參加資格 獲大學教育資助委員會資助的全日制學士學位學生
名額 10名,先到先得
報名方法 請填妥以下表格:
截止報名日期 2018年12月27日上午9時正
注意事項 請參閱GE Off Campus簡介

查詢 Aggie 3411 2864 / ge@hkbu.edu.hk
MaD Festival 2019
MaD Festival is coming back in a new format! Exploring creative responses to the challenges of our time, this edition is an attempt to contribute to a progressive creative ecology at multiple levels. On 12 &13 Jan 2019, the Assembly will showcase the outcomes of the festival in Tai Kwun and bring together thousands of participants from Asia and beyond.

Recommended Activities:
Open Studio

  • Fashion Clinic (12 Jan) – promote service over products, which creatively extends the lifespan of clothing.
  • Lin Heung House (12 Jan) – learn to make masala tea and enjoy the stories of inter-cultural encounters.


  • Plastic China (12 Jan) – Mainland China has now closed its door to overseas garbage — because of a documentary.


  • Lesson learnt in the Viva Blue House Revitalisation Project (13 Jan) – understand the first project of its kind on “retention of both the residents and the buildings”.
  • Neon light walking tour in Yau Tsim Mong (13 Jan) – appreciate the designs and craftsmanship of neon signs and understand how they play a role in defining the sense of place of a locality.
  • More Than Wood (13 Jan) – learn about life by working with hands.

For details of the event, please visit:

MaD Festival 2019 Assembly webpage

Event Details:
Sponsored Session 2-day student pass on 12-13 Jan 2019 (Assembly of MaD Festival 2019)
Venue Tai Kwun (10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong), etc.
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Quota 10. First come first served
Application Method Please fill in the following form:
Application Deadline 9:00am, 27 Dec 2018
Important Notes Please refer to Introduction of GE Off Campus.
*Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email.
*Participants are required to arrive at the meeting point on time by themselves.
Enquiry Aggie 3411 2864 / ge@hkbu.edu.hk