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Starting from the Terminal of Life 在人生的終點站出發

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贊助場次 2018年11月10日(六)
時間 下午2:00 – 6:00 (集合時間: 下午2:00)
地點 香港九龍何文田忠孝街60號愛民廣場一樓F42 (集合地點: 體驗館入口前;
  • 透過四個體驗區域,包含多媒體遊戲、視覺及影音效果、特製棺材等,參加者會在限時內經歷模擬人生,重新思索何謂「年青」、「年老」、「死亡」
  • 體驗結束後,生命教育員會進行活動後解說,加深參加者對珍惜時間、珍惜身邊人的領悟
  • 認識及明白人生歷程,並換個角度看「年老」,減少對長者的負面標籤,促進社會共融


活動主要以 廣東話 進行,並為 CCL聯通課程認可活動 

費用 港幣$100 (準時出席並完成要求者可獲全額贊助)
報名資格 獲大學教育資助委員會資助的全日制學士學位學生均可參加
報名方法 同學須於2018 年 10 月 26 日至 11 月 8 日(上午 10 時至下午 12 時 45 分,下午 2 時 30 分至 5 時 45 分)帶同學生證親身到通識教育處 (AAB805 室)登記,並繳付現金港幣 100 元。依時出席活動並於 11 月 23 日或之前遞交「個人感想」的同學,可取回港幣100元。名額有限,額滿即止。
截止報名日期 2018年11月8日 (四) 下午5:45
注意事項 請參閱GE Off Campus簡介


內容 上傳一張當日的照片,並撰寫50字或以上的活動感想。
截止遞交日期 2018年11月23日 (五) 早上10時截止
遞交方法 步驟一:在個人Facebook 上傳一張當日活動的照片,並撰寫50字或以上的個人感想,設定該Status的閱讀權限為Public,並於文末加上以下文字︰
GE Off Campus活動 《在人生的終點站出發》 #geoffcampus #gehkbu
步驟二:在「General Education at HKBU」Facebook Page的右上方按「Message」,在訊息內容中寫下你的資料和個人感想的發佈時間,格式如下:
GE Off Campus活動《在人生的終點站出發》
我已於(2018年11月10日8:30pm)在個人Facebook Status發佈個人感想。
完成以上兩個步驟後,同學將於兩週內收到電郵/Facebook Message通知領取贊助費安排。
查詢 Aggie 3411 2864 / Hazel 3411 2014 /


addressed by the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. Understanding that life is short and unpredictable would prompt one to cherish more the people and things around and endeavor to live a satisfying life. Life Journey Centre enables you to experience the taste of “aging” and “death” at your young age, inspiring you to live with no regrets in your one-way life journey.


Event & Registration Details:
Sponsored Session 10 Nov 2018 (Sat)
Time 2:00 – 6:00pm (Call Time: 2:00pm)
Venue F42, 1/F, Oi Man Plaza, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Gather at the entrance of the Centre;
  • Participants will experience the journey of life in four specifically designed zones by means of multi-media games, audio-visual effect and a coffin-like compartment, and re-think what is meant by “young”, “old”, and “death”.
  • Life educators will conduct debriefing sessions after the journey, guiding participants to reflect on the treasure of time and people around.
  • The activity will inspire and enrich participants’ understanding of life journey, and bring a perception change of the negative stereotypes of “aging”, thus promoting social harmony.


This activity will be conducted mainly in  Cantonese  and is a  CCL-recognized event .

Fee HKD$100 (Full sponsorship granted to student who attend the activity and meet the requirement)
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Registration Method From 26 Oct (Fri) to 8 Nov (Thur), bring along your student ID card and pay HKD$100 in cash as the fee at the GE Office (AAB805, 10am to 12:45pm, 2:30pm to 5:45pm). Full sponsorship of HKD$100 will be granted to students who attend the activity punctually and submit reflective journals by 23 Nov (Fri). Limited quotas. First come, first served!
Registration Deadline 5:45pm, 8 Nov 2018 (Thur)
Important Notes Please refer to the GE Off Campus webpage.

*Considering the unique nature of the experiential tour, we DO NOT recommend the following people to join:
With heart disease or related diseases; with Claustrophobia; mental illness; moderate or severe mental retardation; severe autism; pregnant; sick / with fever / taken drugs or alcoholic drinks before the activity

* Participants are required to arrive at the meeting point on time by themselves.
* All participants have to follow tour guides’ instructions. No participant is allowed to leave the tour midway.
* If there is bad weather, participants will be notified of cancellation or postponement via phone 2 hours before the event.

Reflective Journal Details:
Content Upload 1 photo taken at the event and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings from the event.
Submission Deadline 10:00am, 23 Nov 2018 (Fri)
Submission Method Step 1: On your Facebook “Status”, upload 1 photo taken at the event and write a caption of at least 50 words to describe your thoughts/feelings from the activity. Set the privacy for Public view. At the end of the status, add the following sentence:

GE Off Campus event “Starting from the Terminal of Life” #geoffcampus #gehkbu
Step 2: Visit “General Education at HKBU” Facebook Page and click “Message” (top right corner). State your contact information and the posting time of your Reflective Journal as follows:

GE Off Campus event “Starting from the Terminal of Life”
I have posted the Reflective Journal on my own Facebook Status at (8:30pm, 10 Nov 2018).
Name: (Chan Tai Man)
Student no.: (18123456)
Confirmation email and/or Facebook message will be sent within 2 weeks.
Enquiry Aggie 3411 2864 / Hazel 3411 2014 /