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Academy Dance: School of Dance Fall Performances

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HKAPA Dance Performance 舞蹈學院秋季演出將呈獻四個風格與主題截然不同的舞蹈作品,並由芭蕾舞、中國舞及現代舞系學生擔綱演出。兩個全新的芭蕾舞作品均是為芭蕾舞系學生所創作。由加拿大美籍駐院藝術家陳建生創編的《The Grid》,配以菲利普.格拉斯的樂曲,透過強烈的視覺效果、音效及舞步來展現我們每天面對抉擇時的困境狀態,充分呈現了現代芭蕾舞的多元挑戰。相比之下,由演藝學院新任全職講師阮日廣所創作的《Inside Out》,則回歸到傳統的芭蕾舞技巧訓練,以Ezio Bosso的弦樂四重奏樂曲,探索芭蕾舞蹈員與合作無間的「扶把」之間的伙伴關係。

現代舞學生所演繹的《從消逝出發 – 破碎與扭曲》(選段)由來自星馬的編舞家郭瑞文創編,並以新加坡得獎音效藝術家Bani Haykal與古箏音樂家Natalie Tse攜手演繹的音樂作背景。此作品源自2011年為新加坡藝術節所創作的舞蹈,其後於2014年在舞人第一及第二舞團的節目中重演。《從消逝出發 – 破碎與扭曲》(選段)以民間樂曲、方言及回憶為主題, 創作充滿情感的語言引領觀眾探索逐漸褪色的亞洲文化。演藝學院承蒙舞人舞團批准是次上演此出色之作。




贊助場次 2018年11月24日
地點 香港演藝學院 歌劇院
參加資格 獲大學教育資助委員會資助的全日制學士學位學生
名額 20名,先到先得
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HKAPA Dance Performance The evening performances comprise of four choreographies in distinctive styles and themes performed by HKAPA students of Ballet, Chinese Dance & Contemporary Dance.

The two new ballet works are premiers created for the ballet students. Inspired by the urban layout of city blocks, The Grid, choreographed by Canadian-American artist-in-residence Kinsun Chan to Philip Glass’s music, is a challenging contemporary ballet piece with strong visual, sound and dynamics exploring one’s daily confrontation of numerous decisions. In contrast, Inside Out by our new full time lecturer Anh Ngoc Nguyen returns to the traditional form of ballet technique training and focuses on exploring the long term relationship between ballet dancers and their training companion ‘ballet barre’ to a String Quartet by Ezio Bosso.

The Contemporary Dance department will present As It Fades (Excerpt) created by Malaysia-Singapore-based choreographer Kuik Swee Boon with music by award-winning sound artist Bani Haykal in collaboration with guzheng artist Natalie Tse. The work was originally choreographed in 2011 for the Singapore Arts Festival and restaged in 2014 for T.H.E main and second companies. As It Fades (Excerpt) draws upon folk tunes, dialects, and memories to create an emotionally-charged language that connects us to a fading Asian heritage. The School is honoured to have granted the right to perform this seminal production of T.H.E Dance company’s repertoire.

Yellow Earth Yellow River (Excerpt) choreographed by mainland choreographer Jiang Hua-xuan is a Chinese-dance work that deals with the power of nature. Premiered by the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2000 and now performed by HKAPA Chinese Dance students, the piece expands audience’s ideology of the nature, people, nationality and the world. In addition to selecting the well-known and imposing piano concertos The Yellow River and Tan Dun’s Symphony 1997: Heaven Earth Mankind, this work will also be accompanied live percussion performed by students from the School of Music. The combination of dance and music will add a breathtaking atmosphere to the evening.

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Sponsored Session 24 Nov 2018
Venue Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wanchai
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Quota 20. First come first served
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