GE Retreat: Refresh Your Teaching; Reframe Our GE

GE Retreat
After a year of hard work, it is the perfect time for colleagues to escape from the hustle and bustle of school life and get refreshed in a comfortable countryside hotel with a spectacular sea view.

This year, GE Retreat will bring you to the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel in Tuen Mun for a whole day relaxation. To refresh your teaching in GE, invited colleagues will share how they use interactive ways to engage students in their learning. You will know more about student-led approaches and successful strategies which help you be a better facilitator in GE classrooms.

After lunch, we will do simple but practical exercises to release our stress and refresh our body in an outdoor grass field. To further enrich the day, brainstorming and discussions will be initiated on the future development and reframing of GE Programme.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to refresh and excel together!

Rundown of the Retreat

9:00 AM Coach leaving Kowloon Tong to the venue
10:00 Breakfast
10:30 Refreshing Your Teaching:
Sharing on Interactive Classroom Activities

  • Ms. Jenny Choe (LC)
    Recipient of GE Teaching Award AY2014-15
  • Dr. Simon To (MATH)
  • Mr. Kingsley Ng (VA)
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 Refreshing Your Body: Stress Relief Exercises
  • Dr. Kevin Yue (CMTR)
  • Dr. Judy Ip (PE)
3:00 Tea break
3:15 Re-framing Our GE: Brainstorming Group Activity
4:45 Conclusion. Coach returning to Kowloon Tong

27th Apr 2016 (Wed)

10:30am – 4:45pm

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

1 Castle Peak Road, So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun District, New Territories, Hong Kong
Free of charge.
All GE course teachers
are welcome!

Please register by 5 Apr (Tue) for logistical arrangement.

For enquiries, please contact Miss Alice Wong at or on 3411 2013.