Global Youth Summit 2016

Global Youth Summit

How is GYS fun & meaningful?
  • Prominent keynote speeches!

  • Experiential activity: City Refugee
    (Searching and Interviewing refugee in Hong Kong)!

  • Stimulation game at Solar Tower Camp, Ma Wan!

  • Keynote speeches are CCL-recognized!

  • You’ll be meeting new friends from local universities & overseas!

What is HKBU Global Youth Summit 2016?

HKBU GYS 2016 is a 2-day intensive conference with inspiring speeches given by keynote speakers, student-led experiential learning activities, and workshops on the spot. This is, our theme is about refugee issues. Up till now, there were over 60 million people escaped from their prison-liked homeland, to find a safer place to survive because of the fear of persecution, race, religion, nationality, or other reasons. It is not an easy journey. Yet, in order to live, they have to leave.

By joining our conference, refugee issues are going to be discovered and discussed, in order to enhance participants’ understanding and knowledge towards refugee issues both locally and internationally. In addition to the discerning keynote speakers sharing their insights and experiences on global issues, participants will have the opportunity to be an “Explorer”-to see, to search, and to solve the “unexplored”. By engaging in the discussions and engaging in experiential learning activities in local community, participants will be able to contribute to the resolution of refugee issues.Furthermore, a caring heart should be embedded among our students who will be future leader of our society.

All students are welcome!
Seats are limited. First come first served!

The registration deadline is on 19 Feb 2016 (Fri). Act now!
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Enquiry: / 3411 2326