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《N+N》是賴恩慈首齣劇情長片,是榮獲鮮浪潮最佳電影和IFVA金獎的劇情短片《1+1》的續篇。《N+N》延續《1+1》簡約、率性、自然的電影風格,將《1+1》對我城消失事物的寄意放大N倍。入圍超過十個國際影展,並得到 5 大國際影展大獎,包括最佳電影、最佳外語片及評審團特別獎等。


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Lai Yan-Chi’s short film “1+1” triumphed at 2 prominent short film awards in Hong Kong, namely Fresh Wave and IFVA. She multiplies the sentiment in “1+1”, by N times maybe, to come up with her debut feature-length fictional film “N+N.”

The wise grandpa and witty granddaughter from “1+1” continue to bless the city with bamboo shoots, while their own home in a rural village is torn down to give way for the high speed railway. They meet other people also jeopardized by the so-called development: artist left homeless because of factory revitalization, the middle-class striving for a living, the young generation born in the 1990s… They are all trying to hold on to the city’s collective memory and every living tree.

Sharing sessions with guests will be held after every screening session. Movie souvenir will be distributed.

For the movie trailer & guest lists, please visit:
N+N Facebook Page

Sponsored Session 贊助場次 Any session between 1st Jan 2015 and 11th Feb 2015
Venue 地點 Broadway Cinema Kwai Fong (Metroplaza)
Eligibility 報名資格 Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU are eligible to join.
Quota 名額 100
First come first served 先到先得
Price 費用 Full Sponsorship 全數贊助
How to get the sponsorship?
  1. Students buy your own tickets and watch the movie on or before 11th Feb 2015.
  2. Submit “Reflective Journal” between 14th Feb and 20th Feb.
  3. Bring the ticket and collect the $60 sponsorship in person at GE Office (AAB805).
  1. 學生自行購票,及前往觀賞2月11日或之前的任何場次;
  2. 在2月14至2月20日內填寫網上「個人感想」;
  3. 攜同電影票尾親身前往通識教育處 (AAB805室) 領取港幣 $60 活動資助。
Content of Reflective Journal

Students can write the Reflective Journal in English or Chinese.

Q1. Please describe and explain the section(s)/element(s) that you find the most memorable. (Writing in English: at least 100 words)
Q2. After watching the movie, what kinds of impressions/reflections/thoughts do you have? (Writing in English: at least 200 words)

Submit Reflective Journal (Available from 14 Feb)


Q1. 請敍述令你最印象深刻的表演部分/元素。(以中文撰寫︰不少於200字)
Q2. 看完這電影,你有什麼體會/得著/感想?(以中文撰寫︰不少於300字)


Important Notes 注意事項 Please refer to Introduction of GE Off Campus.
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