Global Youth Summit 2015

Global Youth Summit
How is GYS fun & meaningful?
  • Promonent keynote speeches!
    Dr. Tse Ka Kui, Co-founder of Dialogue in the Dark HK (黑暗中對話)!
    Dr. Christie Lam from Osaka University!
  • Fun experiential trips out of campus!
    "A Refugee’s Experience in Hong Kong" to Chungking Mansions!
    "An Insight Into History in a Metropolitan City (英軍•難民•走私客 鯉魚門歷史導賞團)" to Lei Yue Mun!
    "Understanding of ethnic minorities" to Yuen Long!
  • Keynote speeches are CCL-recognized!
  • You’ll be meeting new friends from local universities & overseas!
All students are welcome! Seats are limited. First come first served!
The registration deadline is on 22 March 2015 (Sun). Don’t wait! Find out more now!
What is HKBU Global Youth Summit 2015?

HKBU GYS 2015 is a 2-day intensive conference with inspiring speeches given by keynote speakers, student-led presentations, and workshops on-the-spot. Centered on the theme of “Explore the Unexplored” this year, a couple of global and local issues are to be discovered and solved.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to be an “Explorer” – to see, to search, and to solve the “unexplored”! By engaging in the discussions and engaging in experiential learning activities in local community, you’ll be able to contribute to the resolution of specific global issues.

Enquiry: / 3411 2326