“GE Share” Award Scheme
「 GE Share 」大募集 Round 2!

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「 GE Share 」大募集

依家就 Share!

製作精美的 e-portfolio 來分享你於課堂內外的 GE 體驗吧!價值由 $20 到 $500 的現金券將按照你的 e-portfolio 級別送出,達至神級的同學更可獲得港幣 $1500 獎學金!

GE Share 有幾好?

  • 無名額限制,人人有份!
  • 你可以中文、英文,甚至雙語撰寫!
  • 我們將就預早提交的 e-portfolio 給予評語和建議。你可在截止日期 (2015年4月28日星期二) 前作無限次修改,獎品志在必得!



不知如何入手?我們可安排 30 分鐘的 e-portfolio 工作坊,
詳情請致電 3411 2864 與 Shirley 聯絡!

  • 挑選最適合你的 e-portfolio 平台
  • E-portfolio 的題材及框架
  • 讓 e-portfolio 更豐富有趣的方法
GE Share (eng)

Be eager to Share!

Create an e-portfolio to share your GE experiences inside or outside classroom! Cash coupon ranging from $20 to $500 will be given based on the level of the e-portfolio! Students who achieved the Expert level will be awarded with HK$1500 scholarship!

How good is it?

  • There’s no quota! Everybody can win!
  • You can write in Chinese, English or bilingual!
  • Feedback and advice will be given to students who make early submission. You can keep modifying the e-portfolio before the deadline (28 Apr 2015, Tuesday). Getting a prize becomes a sure thing!

Find out more!

Kick-start 30-min workshop!

To help you get started, we will organize 30-min e-portfolio workshops on request! Contact Shirley at 3411 2864 for details!


  • How to choose an online platform that best suits you
  • What to include in your e-portfolio
  • How to enrich & add colour to your e-portfolio