GE Off Campus 活動︰話劇《有飯自然香》
Drama “A Bowlful of Kindness”

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A Bowlful of Kindness

戲寶系列 三度公演
飯香人情 回味獅子山下鄰里精神
最地道的香港情懷 最窩心的集體回憶

描述香港六十年代鄰里人情的本地原創劇《有飯自然香》, 2012年首演、13年香港重演及廣州、上海巡演,超過一萬五千名觀眾笑淚回應,真實重現久違了的「獅子山下」香港人團結打拼的精神。在為兩餐辛勞的年代,一碗香飯吃出人情世態;街坊人物的窩心故事,見證昔日奮鬥與社會變遷!



贊助場次 2015年11月5日至11月8日內任何場次
地點 香港大會堂劇院
參加資格 獲大學教育資助委員會資助的全日制學士學位學生
名額 20名。依「個人感想」遞交次序先到先得
贊助金額 港幣$100 或 100%票價(以較低者為準)
  1. 學生自行購票及前往觀賞獲贊助的場次;
  2. 在指定的遞交日期內在網上填寫「個人感想」;
  3. 收到確認電郵後,攜同電影票尾親身前往通識教育處 (AAB805室) 領取活動資助。
注意事項 請參閱GE Off Campus簡介
內容 請敍述令你最印象深刻的部分/元素。看完這劇作,你有什麼體會/得著/感想?(不少於300字,可以中文或英文撰寫。)
遞交日期 2015年11月11日(三)凌晨開始; 2015年11月16日(一)上午11時截止
遞交方法 步驟一:在個人Facebook Status撰寫個人感想,設定該Status的閱讀權限為Public,並於文末加上以下文字︰
 GE Off Campus 活動《有飯自然香》︰話劇門票由HKBU通識教育處贊助。#geoffcampus #gehkbu 

步驟二:在「General Education at HKBU」Facebook Page的右上方按「Message」,在訊息內容中寫下你的聯絡資料和個人感想的發佈時間,格式如下:
 我已於(2015年11月11日8:30pm)在個人Facebook Status發佈個人感想。

贊助名額將分發給最快完成以上兩個步驟的同學。成功申請的同學將於一週內收到電郵/Facebook Message通知。

A Bowlful of Kindness

A beloved HKRep classic, staged for the 3rd time by popular demand
The fragrance of rice, the spirit of community and the memories under the Lion Rock
The most local of Hong Kong sentiment, the most heartfelt of collective memories

Premiered in 2012, staged again in Hong Kong and toured in Guangzhou and Shanghai in 2013, A Bowlful of Kindness is an original local production portraying the community spirit of Hong Kong society in the 1960s. Over 15,000 audience members have laughed and cried as the spirit of unity and hard work against all odds by Hong Kong people was rekindled on stage. In an era where the goal of all hard work was a humble wish to make ends meet, a bowl of rice reveals the kindness of people as well as the harsh reality. Through the heartwarming stories of everyday people, Hong Kong’s fascinating social changes, determination and entrepreneurial spirits are brought to the live stage all over again.

In addition to performances in Hong Kong for the third time, the play will also tour Beijing, bringing the Mainland audience a production of true Hong Kong flavour, through a bowlful of fragrant rice.

For details of the drama and ticket purchasing, please visit:
HKREP official drama webpage

Event Details:
Sponsored Session Any session between 5th Nov 2015 and 8th Nov 2015
Venue Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
Eligibility Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU
Quota 20. First come first served based on submission of Reflective Journal
Sponsorship Amount HK$100 or 100% ticket price (whichever is lower)
How to get the sponsorship?
  1. Students buy your own tickets and watch any sponsored session of the drama.
  2. Submit “Reflective Journal” in the specified submission period.
  3. After receiving a confirmation email, bring the ticket and collect the sponsorship in person at GE Office (AAB805).
Important Notes Please refer to Introduction of GE Off Campus.
Reflective Journal Details:
Content Please describe and explain the section(s)/element(s) that you find the most memorable. After watching the drama, what kinds of impressions/reflections/thoughts do you have? (In English or Chinese; at least 300 words)
Submission Period From 0am, 11th Nov 2015 (Wed) to 11am, 16th Nov 2015 (Mon)
Submission Method

Step 1: Post your Reflective Journal as a Status with your own Facebook account and set the privacy for Public view. At the end of the status, add the following sentence:
 GE Off Campus “The Abandoned Harbour” Drama: The ticket was sponsored by General Education Office, HKBU. #geoffcampus #gehkbu 

Step 2: Visit “General Education at HKBU” Facebook Page and click “Message” (top right corner). State your contact information and the posting time of your Reflective Journal as follows:
 I have posted the Reflective Journal on my own Facebook Status on (11 Nov 2015 8:30pm).
Name: (Chan Tai Man)
Student no.: (14123456)
Phone: (90123456)
Email: (
Drama Ticket Price: ($180) 

The sponsorship quotas will be given to the fastest students who complete the above 2 steps. Successful applicants will receive notification email/Facebook message within a week.