GE Retreat: How to Make a Difference on Student Learning

GE Retreat 2014-15 S1

GE Retreat AY2014-15 S1:
How to Make a Difference on Student Learning

It is no surprise to many educators that one of the most consistent findings in educational research demonstrates that the more times students spend engaged during the learning process, the more they learn (Gettinger & Ball, 2007). Such research has shown that involved students not only learn more efficiently and effectively, but also are more successful at mastering the learning outcomes. In addition, students who are engaged in learning are more likely to become passionate about learning in general.

How can you increase the amount of time that students in your class are engaged in your teaching? In this retreat, colleagues will share how they use exciting and interactive ways to engage students in their learning. We will also showcase students’ creative works to demonstrate how to make GE courses with enjoyable moments for student learning. Also, sharing and discussions will be initiated with reference to the reflections collected from students on GE courses.

Do not miss this valuable opportunity to exchange and excel together!

Rundown of the Retreat

9:30 AM Breakfast
10:00 Learning through Interactions
Good teaching practice sharing by colleagues

  • Dr. Candy Ho, Department of Marketing
    Recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching
  • Dr. Loretta Kim, Department of History
    Instructor of GE course “Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese History”
  • Dr. Kevin Yue, School of Chinese Medicine
    Dr. Kwok Wai Luen, Department of Religion and Philosophy
    Dr. Cinnie Ng, Office of Student Affairs
    Instructors of Interdisciplinary GE course “Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services”
10:45 Group Discussion
11:15 Tea break
11:30 Showcasing Students’ Creative Works
11:45 Sharing and Discussion on Students’ Reflections on GE Courses
1:00 PM Lunch

4 Dec 2014 (Thur)

9:30am – 1pm

Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak
Multi-Purpose Hall

2/F, Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports & Cultural Centre (SCC), Shaw Campus, HKBU

All GE course teachers are welcome!



For enquiries, please contact Miss Ada Chan at or 3411 2106.