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教授(重演) THE PROFESSOR (rerun)

The Professor

首演激起熱烈迴響  理想與現實的角力  何曾止?
“To be or not to be, that is now our question.”

Lucretia 於末代高考失手,退而選擇哲學系為台階,滿心以 GPA 爭取轉系,卻遇上致力培育學生思辯能力的「教授」及「社運王子」師兄 Jeremy。Jeremy 後因參與社會運動要在現實與理想之間作出抉擇,「教授」與他的母親處於極端對立的局面,激發出台上一幕幕爭論和掙扎。塵埃落定,學業前途、家庭期望和社會公義的排序在眾人心中又可會洗牌重來? 


最佳男主角(悲劇/正劇) – 潘燦良
最佳女配角(悲劇/正劇) – 陳煦莉

An acclaimed premiere set alight new debates on education
The ever-present tension between ideals and reality in education continues to take hold…

Lucretia chooses the Faculty of Philosophy as a stepping stone for switching to a “better” department, she is completely occupied by the thought of a good GPA, until she meets “Professor” who vows to develop students’ critical thinking ability and Jeremy, a Year 2 student known as the “Prince of Social Activism”. When Jeremy is getting trouble in a campaign, he needs to take a stance between reality and ideals, a string of heated debates follow.

Candace Chong, winner of five Drama Awards, sets her work in a campus environment . The Professor examines the discrepancy between the claimed moral high ground by university education and the conflicting layers of reality, last year’s premiere was met by enthusiastic acclaim. It generated widespread media coverage, and sparked off new debates across the society and poignant reflection upon the education system.


Winners of 4 Hong Kong Drama Awards

10 Most Favourite Productions of 2013
Best Play
Best Leading Actor (Tragedy / Drama) – Poon Chan Leung
Best Supporting Actress (Tragedy / Drama) – Tan Hui Lei Karrie

Sponsored Session 贊助場次 11 Sept 2014 (Thur) 8:15pm 及 13 Sept 2014 (Sat) 8:15pm
Language 語言 Presented in Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles 粵語演出 附中英文字幕
Venue 地點 Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學賽馬會綜藝館
Eligibility 報名資格 Full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU are eligible to join

* For students who have not joined the GE Off Campus activity: The Professor (Sept 2013) only
僅限不曾參加GE Off Campus活動: 話劇《教授》(2013年9月)的同學

Quota 名額 45
先到先得 First come, first served
Price 費用 Full Sponsorship 全數贊助 

* Successful applicants have to pay $100 as deposit, which will be refunded to students who submit reflective journals by 21 Sept 2014. Arrangement details will be sent via email.


Application Method 報名方法 3 Steps for registration:

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  3. Register for the event with your student ID card and pay the refundable deposit, HKD$100, by cash in person at the GE office from 4 Sept 2014 to 8 Sept 2014 (during office hours). For latest quota enquiries, please contact the GE Office at 34112864


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Application Period 報名日期 4 – 8 Sept 2014 (Office hours)
Important Notes 注意事項 Please refer to Introduction of GE Off Campus.
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