E-portfolio Workshop 工作坊

E-portfolio 工作坊

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30 分鐘學習建立 E-portfolio

我們將於 9 月舉辦 2 場半小時的工作坊,分享建立 GE e-portfolio 的方法及心得!此工作坊特別適合所有有興趣參加「通識教育傑出學生獎勵計劃」,及 「依家就 Share: GE Share 大募集」 的同學參與。歡迎帶備你的個人感想、照片或影片等材料出席工作坊,我們來一起建立屬於你的 E-portfolio !


  • 挑選最適合你的 e-portfolio 平台
  • E-portfolio 的題材及框架
  • 讓 e-portfolio 更豐富有趣的方法
E-portfolio 工作坊

日期︰ 2014年9月25日(四)
時間︰ 下午 3:00 – 3:30
地點︰ 浸會大學道校園AAB805室

30-min workshop for building e-portfolios!

There will be two 30-min workshops in September to share the methods & tips of building your GE e-portfolio. This workshop is particularly suitable for students who are interested in joining the GE Outstanding Students Award, and the “GE Share” Award Scheme. You are invited to bring your reflective journals, photos or videos to the workshop. We can build your e-portfolio together!


  • How to choose an online platform that best suits you
  • What to include in your e-portfolio
  • How to enrich & add color to your e-portfolio
E-portfolio Workshops

Date: 25 Sep 2014 (Thur)
30 Sep 2014 (Tue)
Time: 3:00 – 3:30 pm
Venue: AAB805, Baptist University Road Campus