GE Retreat: Reflections on Student Learning

GE Retreat: Reflections on Student Learning

Our General Education (GE) Programme spells out the essential aims, learning outcomes, and guiding principles for a 21st-century university education. Now that we have a year of experience with our curricular offerings in General Education, it is time to ask ourselves the hard question of whether we are on the right path in providing an education that meets the needs of our students and whether they are engaged in their learning.

Student success in a university cannot be documented – as it usually is – only in terms of enrollment, persistence, and degree attainment. These widely used metrics, while important, miss entirely the question of whether students who have placed their hopes for the future in higher education are actually achieving the kind of learning they need for a complex and volatile world. In this retreat, we will engage in a discussion that allows us to reflect on our own classroom practices and share with each other effective means of achieving the goals of our GE Programme.

Rundown of the Retreat

9:30am Breakfast
10:00am Presentation on GE assessment results and Q&A
10:30am Faculty reflecting on teaching: "What works and What doesn’t"
– Experience sharing of an invited colleague (15mins)
11:15am Tea break
11:30am Sharing on reflections
12:30pm Lunch

3 Dec 2013 (Tuesday)

9:30am – 12:30pm

Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chor Tak
Multi-Purpose Hall

2/F, Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports & Cultural Centre (SCC), Shaw Campus, HKBU

All GE course teachers are welcome!



For enquiries, please contact Miss Ada Chan at or 3411 2106.