GCNU1025 Numbers Save the Day

Have you ever thought of a course that offers you a chance to reveal the myth of seemingly palpable daily-life stuff? From the beginning of our birth, we kind of live reciprocally with numbers. We are signified by the identity card numbers. When we grow older, we hang around with our mom and dad in a supermarket. Apart from those delectable snacks, we see there is a zebra-like rectangle on the packet of every product and later we find that it is a barcode. The subtlest characteristic of these barcodes is that there is a series of numbers beneath the black and white stripes but you never know to what they refer. Do you feel you are living out of the unfamiliarity within the familiarity? I got the feeling and so I chose this course in the hope of understanding more of our “numerical world”. Now I know the answers and you can figure it simply by registering this course. As a student, I would say I want knowledge but definitely not want to risk my GPA. If you are interested in this course, go ahead without worrying about the GPA because all required study materials are arranged in an organized manner which enhances the efficiency of our revision. The teacher also kindly responds to students’ questions via different ways. All in all, I would comment it as worth-studying course. Not hard even if you are from art stream like me.

Recommended by:
Stacey Yeung, Year 3 student from ENG