GE Fun Fun Election is back!


Recommend a GE course to win a cafe cash coupon!

To win a $50 Starbucks cash coupon, all you need to do is to recommend a GE course to your fellow schoolmates and write down the reasons on our GE Facebook Page! Every comment will earn you one chance of winning!

Two $100 Starbucks Coffee cash coupons will be given to the best comments!

Game Details:
  1. Six prizes of HKD$50 Starbucks cash coupon will be given away by lucky draw.
  2. Two prizes of HKD$100 Starbucks cash coupon will be given away.
  3. A student can recommend up to 3 GE courses in which he/she has studied or is currently studying.
  4. The game ends on 15 Dec 2013 (Sunday).
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