GE-Dialogue – Collaborative Learning: Techniques for Effective Tutorials and Seminars

18 April 2012 (Wednesday) 12:45 pm – 2:15 pm
(light lunch from 12:30-12:45pm)

Venue: WLB 104

The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus


Studies show that students learn more effectively through active teaching and learning than through lectures. In this workshop we will focus on how to create an environment in the classroom that encourages students to take an active role in discussions. After an explanation of some strategies, participants will focus on their own classes and the goals they have for discussion.  Structuring discussions to achieve your particular goals can help students learn critical thinking skills as well as become more creative in their thinking. We will also look at some of the reasons why students may not participate in group activities and some strategies that work well to engage them.

This workshop is for faculty who have never tried group work as well as for those who have. We will begin with your experience and you will engage in some types of group work during the workshop.

Speakers Biography

Professor Susan Fiksdal
Fulbright Scholar
Hong Kong Baptist University

Former Head
The Culture, Text and Language section
Evergreen State College

Professor Susan Fiksdal, Fulbright Scholar at HKBU for the 2011-12 academic year, joined HKBU from the Evergreen State College, an innovative liberal arts institution in Washington state. As a linguist from Middlebury College with PhD from University of Michigan, she has been the head of the Culture, Text and Language section of the curriculum at Evergreen. Author of 10 publications and numerous papers on text, language and life-long learning topics, Professor Fiksdal is now working with the GE Office, CHTL as well as coordinating with a team of scholars through the Hong Kong America Center providing support on the General Education programs for Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions as part of the 3-3-4 Educational Reform Initiatives. In the coming academic year, Professor Fiksdal will provide support on the General Education Programme as well as the faculty development by hosting various workshops and seminars.